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an introduction to your virtual booth

Look at you and your fabulous virtual party planning skills! We are so excited about having a Giggle & Riot Virtual Booth at your event. We have loved seeing the same sassy & sexy snapshots that we would see in our classic funbooths - but digital! The most important factors here are accessibility, information sharing, and increasing engagement. With that being said, we compiled some hot tips for our clients to share with any Virtual Booth newbies :)

This guide will give you tips on how to get your virtual booth noticed and how to get your guests stoked! We only share our party secrets with the coolest of folks - and you are one of them! Scroll though this guide to learn about some of the best practices for upgrades, graphic design, marketing, and running your online gallery- check it out! 

virtual booth upgrades

Our virtual photo booths are nothing but boring! Want a burst of GIF - we got you! Want AI background removal!? Let's do it! Need a super special custom frame? That's our specialty! Trust us - we'll make you shine. You can even add-on this feature after you've booked with us. Let us know if you want to add more flare to your photo booth! 

virtual background

custom layout


Custom graphic design

Our in-house team of designers, master crafters, and photobooth aficionados will work closely with you to make sure your virtual photobooth matches your event them and brand design! We can also create a something entirely unique based on your party details. Let's make some magic! 


Virtual events takes some collaboration! Once you book with us, we'll send you a client questionnaire where we ask for all your design requests, event details, brand guidelines, and any logos or graphics you want us to include in your virtual booth. Any extra info and details you want to share, the better! Frame designs and booth adjustments come with one round of complimentary edits.

Here are the guidelines we ask of you to make sure we come up with exactly what you're looking for: 
1. Send us your assets and relevant logos with your client questionnaire! *Please note that we need graphics with transparency in PNG format! 
2. Send us your event website or company website to make sure we match the look and feel if your virtual event space 
3. Be clear with your frame requests! We encourage you to share as much as you can so we can provide you something extra special. 
4. Tell us what text you'd like, if any. Got a certain theme you'd like us to follow? Great! 
5. Share any reference photos you'd like us to work off of! Sometimes pictures just speak a thousand words :)
6. Tell us about your event messaging! We can include custom messages throughout your booth for all your event attendees to enjoy. 
7. Got a specific color palette you want us to follow? Great! We'd love to see it. 
8. Need us to use a specific font? Easy peasy. Send us the font file and we'd happy to include that in our frame designs! 
9. Need to talk through your questionnaire? No problem at all, call us at 916-760-8414 or Schedule a Time to Chat!

Any edit requests after the first round of proofing will incur an $150 design fee. Aside from being upfront and clear about your design dreams & goals, we ask that you compile all of your edits at once. Thank you! 

marketing Best practices

We are so excited about having a Giggle & Riot Virtual Booth at your event! We have loved seeing the same sassy & sexy snapshots that we would see in our classic funbooths - but digital! With that being said, we compiled some hot tips for our clients to share with any Virtual Booth newbies :)

Let ‘Em Know: It’s a great idea to get people excited about the booth! Share the details and the link before your event begins. Post & repost on your social media so folks know! Let them know where you find it on your website, include it in your event schedule or special features, or have any of your speakers or coordinators kickstart the photo booth process by taking a picture and sharing it with the attendees! Virtual Booths are unfamiliar (to all of us) so it’s just a matter of leading the way and drumming up excitement.

Show Them How It’s Done: After promoting the Virtual Booth, head over and take some pics yourself. Trust us, the others will follow your lead. Make it funny, cute, weird - just be yourself! Make sure to post your selfie on social media & link out to the booth. Like we said - the more you & others engage with the booth, the more fun you can all have. Here are some ideas: Try and get some folks to all do the same pose, bring your dog and cat into the frame, or even have people hold up a sign that speaks to the event!

Selfies 101: Remind your attendees about considering lighting & setting. Tell them to work their angles and smile! Luckily, there’s no one in line waiting and taking that extra step to set-up your shot will provide you with something fun to share on social media! Show them what’s up by mixing up your shots with frames and angles. You designed the event, we designed the booth, now they just have to stay classy and pose for the camera.

We designed the Virtual Booth in the hopes of keeping the party going and keeping people connected in these distant times! We can’t wait to see what everyone shares and don’t hesitate to reach out if anything comes up!

7 steps to maximize your virtual photo booth 

1. Share your virtual booth loudly and frequently. This can be done through social media, newsletter/email blasts, or through easily accessible links.

2. Embed your virtual booth or your online gallery on your event website

3. Post images from the virtual booth (or about your virtual booth) on your social media page as soon as the event is live

4. Use a QR code that links to your virtual booth (We'll send you a QR code!) That way people can easily access the virtual booth from a smartphone, table, or a paper handout/pamphlet.  

5. Make the virtual booth a part of the event. Guide your guests to the booth through reminders, mentions, and links. Pin it to the top of your lists of events as a constant reminder

6. The more detailed the better! Providing us with useful design guidelines, creative inspiration, and vectored graphics will allow us to fully customize your frames and booth to be eye-catching.

7. Make sure to include social media accounts and hashtags for people to include when they post their pictures on social media!

zoom parties

Hosting your party over Zoom!? We've got some tips for you to make sure you & your guests have nothing but success when it comes to snapping cute pics in our virtual photobooth. The most important thing to note - webcam access! 

Here are some options for getting people to the virtual booth when using Zoom:
- Pin your photobooth link to the top of your chat - Make sure to mention that people need to turn off their video or exit the Zoom call (it occupies the webcam!)
- Host a breakout room & make your virtual booth QR code the background - that way people can use their smartphones to snap pics! 
- Send the virtual booth out before and after your Zoom event so people know to snap their pics outside of the Zoom hang! You can do this through e-blasts or internal messaging platforms! 
- Make your booth available for days before & event your Zoom event, so people can access the virtual booth for longer! 

The most important thing is to have a PLAN, to TEST OUT the booth beforehand, and COMMUNICATE to your event attendees on how to use the booth with Zoom. The rest is up to us and our photobooth magic!

virtual booth photoshop template

Want to design your own frames!? Got a designer in your network that can do it for you!? No problem, we'll send you a photo shop template for you to work off of, and you can export and send it back to us. We can include as many extra frames that you design in your photo booth complimentary! 

virtual booth

embedding your virtual booth

Each event comes with its own embed code! And with just a little technical magic - you can embed the virtual booth or the online gallery to your website so everyone can see! We highly recommend every event coordinator embed their virtual photo booth on their website or pin it to the top of their list of events. This reminds people to use it more than once - and that's the goal right! Unlimited photo booth fun. 

Setting up and using your user account to approve gallery images

We'll get you set up with a unique client login that gives you access to all your virtual booth photos. You can even approve or reject photos that come in, hey - it happens. Want to download images straight from the gallery for your social media? We've got you covered! Let us know what email to use and we will give you the tools you need to control your very own virtual photo booth with us! 

giggle and riot fun group

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